Meet The Baker

Coeur is French for Heart, and Aleyna Moeller has had a heart for bread since she was just a little girl. Growing up loving bread, naturally she started to make her own, starting Coeur Bread in Norwalk, Iowa during 2014. What separates Coeur from the others is the amount of work and love that goes into our bread. Aleyna uses only the best ingredients. She refuses to use the packaging used by so many, because of the fact that it alters the taste of the bread. Her dedication and passion to making good bread is what makes Coeur Artisan Bread, French Bread for the Heart.


In Her Own Words

"Bread is one of those wonderful things that everyone knows about. It’s simple, tasty, healthy and natural. It’s been around since the beginning of civilization and continues to inspire everyone who tries it."

"... Ever since I was a little girl I loved bread. I was a very picky eater, but for some reason, bread was always my favorite. I used to eat warm bread in my treehouse throughout the summer and collect platefuls at family gatherings during the holidays. When I was sixteen, I took an artisan bread-making class in Bentonsport, Iowa and I immediately fell in love. It was such a simple, yet fascinating process- an art and a science.

I started baking bread every night, piling our kitchen counters, and supplying for our every meal. Eventually we had to wonder what to do with it all, and so I started giving it away to family and friends. Eventually people began to ask for it and offer to pay for it. The business started before I was even aware of it.

Honestly, I was shocked at all of the attention my bread was getting. America is continually falling further away from fresh, home baking and healthful options. The fact that people truly love the bread proves something special; it’s all about the options available to us. My goal is to bring back the excitement for good food, for good bread. I want to give people healthy, natural bread that tastes amazing. I want to experiment with new flavors. I want to give bread to those who couldn’t otherwise have it (through my gluten-free options). And most of all, I want to inspire people to live happy, healthy lives."